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BDC's Antivirus and Anti-Malware Tools

What do we use to get rid of all the nasty bugs that infect and slow down your computer? The simplest answer is that there are three main programs that we use to insure that your machine is clean and ready to return to you.

The first that we use before anything else is Norton Security. This top-rated program, which is trusted even by the Pentagon, removes at least 99% of all viruses and spyware. However, there is always the chance that some minor infection is still lurking around, so we don't stop there.

The next program that we use is MalwareBytes' Anti-Malware (commonly called MBAM for short). This frequently will find a little remnant or two that were passed over by Norton Security (most commonly because they are inactive and, thus, not "dangerous"). MBAM gets rid of those bugs, though, so that there is no trace of them on your machine.

Finally, the third utility we use is Super Anti-Spyware. This goes out and checks for a multitude of infections for which both of the others scan and a few others that they don't (usually because the strains are older and not common anymore). Rarely do we get any hits with Super Anti-Spyware after the other two scanners have run but it is just added insurance that your machine is clean.

Occasionally there are certain infections that are difficult to remove and therefore we have a large number of additional tools that we use in those cases. However, as they have the potential to damage the computer's software configuration if used incorrectly, we err on the side of caution by not listing them by name. What we advise is that you use the three programs listed above to help keep your machine infection-free and, if you discover your machine is infested with nasty bugs, get in touch with us so that we can restore your computer's operation and health.

If you want to keep your machine as clean as possible, we will be glad to sell you any or all of these programs, install them for you at no additional charge (if in the Douglas County (Kansas) area), and give you basic instruction about how to use each program.